So, you bought your first Apple device (congratulations), but you are not sure what to do next. First step should be creating your Apple ID. Apple ID is universal account for all Apple services.


You will use Apple ID to access App Store and download apps, sync your data (contacts, docs, pictures) to the cloud…


There are few ways to open your Apple ID – via the Apple device you purchased (on the initial setup wizard) or via PC or some other device that you already own and has access to the internet.


I will show you the method of opening your Apple ID via web browser (you can do that on any device you already own)

Step 1:

First, go to –

You will get following screen. Screen is pretty self-explanatory, but let us go through the process together.

!!Very important thing is that you write down all the data from this screen and keep it safe. In case you forgot password you’ll need this data to recover your Apple ID


First Name – enter your first name

Last Name – enter your last name

In the field where it says United Kingdom select your country of origin


Date of birth – enter your birth date

Email field / – enter your current email address here (be sure you can access this email)

Password – enter password for your future Apple ID account (best result is combination of letters, number and special character at least 8 characters long)

Confirm password – repeat password that you entered just now


Security question 1/2/3 / select three questions and enter your answers – be sure to write down your answers. In case you lose your password or need support you’ll be asked to answer security questions.


You can select Announcements, Apple Music, New Apps and More and Apple News Updates fields if you like to receive emails from Apple with things mentioned above.


Enter security code you got on your screen and finally select Continue (if you done everything well you’ll be greeted with the next screen)

Step 2:

In the next step you’ll be asked to check your email – you should receive mail with security code that you need to enter here


I received email and this is how it looks like – my code is 940248 (yours will be different)



I inserted the code into the required fields and clicked on Continue


After entering the code you’ll be greeted with this screen – you now have Apple ID – Congratulations! Your are now ready to setup your iPhone/iPad/Mac and enter Apple world.


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