Today I’m starting iSwitcher blog, let’s hope this will last and be useful to the community. I entered Apple world exactly 10 years ago with the first Apple iPhone. At the time I had Palm and Windows based PDA’s and decided to check the new “revolutionary” iPhone.

I was thrilled with it! At first iteration it lacked many features of the Windows or Palm device (only 2G connectivity in 3G world, no storage expansion…), but the interface was clean, fast and intuitive, design and screen simply gorgeous. No need to say that the love with the iPhone (iPhone X is my current phone) lasts until today.


iPhone sparked my interested in Apple ecosystem and soon after I got my first MacBook. It was plastic white MacBook 2007 model.


I was so excited and curious at first, that I almost had no sleep the first week I got it. I had to explore all the features and options right away. I was so impressed with speed and simplicity and everything “just worked”.


A lot has changed in the last 10 years, but I still love what is Apple doing today. Yes, the company changed, but it still delivers top products I love to use every day.


As of this day I’m using iPhone 10, iPad Pro 10.5”, MacBook Pro Pre-Touch Bar Edition and Touch Bar edition, Mac Mini, Watch 2nd gen and Apple TV 4K edition.


I have quite a few more Apple gadgets you’ll be reading about on this blog in the near future.


This blog will in the beginning be focused on tips for switchers to Apple world. So, if you are switching from Android, or some other mobile platform to iPhone or iPad – I hope I can help you start in the Apple iOS.


Same goes for all those who would like to jump from Windows or Linux to MacOS.


There will also be advanced tips and tricks as the time goes. I won’t promise too much, we’ll see where we are in a year from now.


All the photos and articles you see on this site are and will be taken with Apple iPhone and Mac computers.


In case you want to contact me, in the beginning email info *you know the sign* is the mail you can get me on.


Greetings from not so cold February Europe.


p.s. I’m not from English speaking country so forgive me if there are some mistakes.

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