First, obligatory “I’m not responsible for any kind of damage you do by trying this yourself, it is all on you if you try this.”. Ok, back to the story. Last year was not fortunate for me with my iPad accessories. First my iPad Pencil malfunctioned and now, Smart Keyboard is giving me “Accessory Not Supported” error and it is not working anymore. Apple has extended warranty on Smart Keyboards, so check if you qualify for a new one before you try anything in this article.

Smart Keyboard stopped working on the same iPad Pro (2017) I had problems with Pencil on.

So, as usual I went to Apple Support and Google search quest.

Here is what I tried (and you should too).


Of course – first I upgraded iPad to the latest iOS – didn’t help.

Cleaned contacts on the iPad and Smart Keyboard – didn’t help.

Hard reset iPad – didn’t help.

Forgetting and re-pairing “Accessory” in Bluetooth section of Settings- didn’t work.

CAREFUL, THIS ONE WILL WIPE YOUR iPAD – Going to Settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings (this will wipe your iPad) – didn’t help.

Settings – Accessibility – Keyboards – Turning On “Full Keyboard Access” option – didn’t help (although this one helped few people).

Powering off – on my iPad and re-attaching Smart Keyboard and making sure contacts are alligned properly – didn’t help.


So, as you can see, I tried a thing or two, and nothing really worked. Every time I would try to type something in, I would just get keyboard on-screen, as if my physical keyboard doesn’t exist.

I thought to myself, great, one more expensive add-on for my iPad is gone within three years of usage.

I mean, that keyboard was 200€ !! ($246), it isn’t even backlit (that detail was hard blow for me) and now after what, not even three years of usage it is broken.

After I cooled down a bit, I looked at the keyboard once again and thought about maybe bending or pressing the pins on it, maybe just connection with the iPad is bad. These engineering marvels I have in myself ever since I was a little kid who repaired my Nintendo console by blowing into the cartridges. From then on, bright ideas just keep coming.

Before you go any further, some time ago there was info that Apple is extending replacement claims for Smart Keyboard because of “Functional issues”. One of the functional issues described is this one I’m talking about. It is said that support for Smart Keyboard would be three years after purchase, instead of standard one. So, it might be worth a try to contact Apple and see if anything can be done (for free).

Anyway, I also found on the internet (and we all know, if it is on the internet – then it must be true) that these bending, pressing techniques actually helped some people.

Again – I cannot be responsible for any imaginable kind of damage if you decide to actually try this.

I thought to myself, this keyboard is obviously dead, so I could give bending thing a try to see what happens since I have nothing more to lose.

What I did is, I detached keyboard from my iPad and I gave a slight push up with my two thumbs to the part where the pins are on the keyboard

So, basically I pushed up a bit center part of the keyboard where the pins are towards the connector on the iPad.

I also made sure that the rest of the magnetic strip aligns afterwards with the iPad. But the center part of the keyboard, where the pins are located is pushed a bit up towards the connector on the iPad.

Lo and behold, it worked!! I heard sweet little chime on the iPad which signaled that my “Smart” keyboard is once again connected.

It went through multiple attaching – detaching processes and it still works.

That’s it – try all of the cleaning, software tips and check if Apple is willing to help you before you decide to go for drastic measures.

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