In case you got a new M1 Mac which is based on whole new architecture made by Apple and you are not sure if your old apps are working on M powered Mac – the answer is simple – yes, everything works. How? Read on.

Apple already jumped architectures in the past – PowerPC to Intel is “recent” change, which happened in 2005. Now, in 2020 Apple is transitioning from Intel to its own M chips based on ARM architecture.

During both “jumps” Apple used Rosetta to make apps from old architecture compatible and working on new architecture.

Rosetta 2 will help you seamlesly use intel (x86) apps on you new M1 Mac. 

There is really nothing you need to do. If you have an app that worked on macOS Catalina, or recent macOS editions, it will work on your M (ARM) based Mac.

When you select your first .dmg app which is designed for “old” Macs and start it on your M based Mac, the following pop-up will appear.

You will be told that you need to install Rosetta. Click on Install.

You will also be asked to confirm you macOS credentials – enter your password, and that is it – Rosetta will be installed.

After that, simply install your app as you usually would on Mac, and enjoy it.

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