One great thing is happening with transition to Apple powered Macs – in the future (and right now) you will be able to use your favourite apps across the board – on iPhone, iPad and on the Mac.

Functionality and availability across all the platforms depends mostly on developers of the application. If developer does not want its app to be available on the Mac – then it won’t be available on the Mac.

However, back on topic. On your Mac, start App Store

On the bottom left corner of the screen click on your name go to your account settings. I blurred mine, since I was logged into account that should not be publicly visible.

When your Account settings open, select iPhone & iPad Apps.

I will try and install Pythonista 3.

After downloading it, it appears in Applications as every Mac app.

App starts normally, resizes, works just as any other Mac app.

However, this may not be experience with every app, some won’t resize, some will crash, some will be extremely slow. It really depends on the app.

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